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I’m going to try out a new post format for theNIRD.org: Opinion pieces.

Many readers of theNIRD.org are in-the-know about deals in the association technology market, and while I love hearing from them by phone or text message, I’d love to get fleshed-out opinions about events and rumors in the market.

You can submit your opinion piece (anonymously, or under your name) on our tip page. We’ll never publish your name without your consent, but the more information you can provide about yourself and how you came about the details that inform your opinion, the more likely I’ll be to publish it. All opinions must be backed by verifiable facts, news stories, or other evidence, and be written in a polite, neutral tone. Be nice.

Some things I’d love to hear from our expert readers:

  • Predictions
  • Analysis
  • Rumors
  • Trends
  • Job changes among senior staff (hires, firings, resignations)
  • The effects that M&A and investments have on association executives and the members they serve

Author: Ben Martin, CAE

Chief Engagement Officer at Online Community Results, and Founder of theNIRD.org.

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