Share your perspective on the Personify-Wild Apricot deal

I’m preparing an analysis of this week’s Wild Apricot acquisition by Rubicon-backed AMS, Personify. If you’re a client or prospect of either Wild Apricot or Personify, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m also eager to hear from consultants and other vendors who work in or around the AMS market with their comments.

Remember: I accept (but not necessarily publish) anonymous tips, and you can rest assured that I will only divulge your name if you ask me to.

Author: Ben Martin, CAE

Chief Engagement Officer at Online Community Results, and Founder of

2 thoughts on “Share your perspective on the Personify-Wild Apricot deal”

  1. My initial thoughts/questions. With community brands and now this Rubicon purchase a fairly high % of the AMS solutions are owned by VCs. There will be winners and loosers chosen – some products may be sunset quickly, others may have investment increases and others will see their investment drop. Are there any obvious winners? Loosers?

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