NIRD Brain

Technology Investment Paranoia? Let theNIRD help.

Schedule a one hour chat with the Founder of, Ben Martin, CAE (that’s me!) for a special introductory price of $250. Reasons to chat with Ben:

For Nonprofit Organizations

  • You’re about to make a major technology purchase for your organization, and you want to know where your potential vendors are in the investment lifecycle.
  • Your technology vendor has been acquired, merged, consolidated, or has accepted a round of funding, and you need to explain the potential effects of the deal to your boss or stakeholders.
  • Your IT Director is recommending a product based on its technical merits, but you want to ensure the company’s financial posture is aligned with your organization’s values and preferences.
  • You don’t have the time or the budget for a full-blown consulting project. You just want answers to your questions about how your technology is affected by high finance.

For Technology Companies

  • Your company serves (or wants to serve) the not-for-profit sector, and you’re looking for insights on the market.
  • Your company wants to be introduced to potential partners or investors.
  • You’re introducing a new product to the not-for-profit market and you’d like to chat about your competitors’ current investment situations and known alliances.
  • Your company seeks to develop a better understanding of the not-for-profit technology industry’s market dynamics.

This is not technology consulting

NIRD Brain is NOT consulting; it’s more like a therapy session, but without the couch and the “tell me about your mother” questions 🙂

I only offer insights on the effects of M&A and investment activity in the not-for-profit technology market. This service is no replacement for working with a technology consultant.

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